Finding the balance

Every Friday morning I play Football. Most of the time I’m in loosing team. So last friday we all decided to shuffle the team a bit. This resulted in having all the best players in the team I’m in.

We lost again.

We had too many good one who wants to lead. Everyone wanted a piece of the ball. Even though we tried different strategies, none worked. While walking out of the ground, the word ‘balance’ rushed to my mind. Maybe if we have less players to lead, we would’ve had a clear strategy to win.

Too much of anything is good for nothing

I only knew the real meaning of it when I recently read that drinking lots of water can cause death. Huge amounts of water upset the normal balance of electrolytes such as sodium in the body. It’s called Hyponatremia.

It’s quite surprising how something as simple as water can cause serious effects on our body.

During school days, I used to try a lot of things and often got addicted to it. As years went by, I found have I’ve reduced my addictions as dependencies grew with time. I guess that was my way of finding the balance in time.

All that said, I’ve tripped off a lot of times. But that’s ok because it’s part of the learning to balance.

Now we can argue about being passionate and working towards it. You can have passions but there’s always something that you’ve to sacrifice. It could be sleepless nights, family time, relations and so on.

The key is to find a smarter way to fulfil your passions and also time for other activities. Even procrastination has it’s value so let’s not avoid that.

Finding balance is self-learning thing. Like always I’ve shared my learning with you and now it’s your time to take it ahead.