Measurables of our life

– The love for your wife has increased by 17.2%.
– Your mom is missing you, she needs an extra 20% love.
– Your hatred towards the world has reduced by 43% ! Good job.

The above messages could be the statistics of our relationship in the future. To be frank, I don’t know if we’re looking forward to that day.

Last week my brother fell ill. I was telling him that advises won’t matter and he needs to start measuring his health if he wants to improve it. The conversation made me think if we can actually start measuring the most important things in our life. The order of important things differ for every human though.

Let’s go through some.


This is the easiest one to measure. If you have ‘x’ amount of money, you know how to spend ,save and invest. Money is quite a valuable asset and it can bring a lot of experiences to our life, be it positive or negative.


We’ve divided it into years, months and days so that we can do things that matter the most. The fact that we cannot get it back makes it the most important thing in this list.

Fitness and health

My life was quite different before I got a fitbit, a fitness tracker. Now I can measure my sleep or activities throughout the day. But I still haven’t figured out to calculate how many calories is a plate of salad. If you do, please let me know.

Health also is quite measurable. We’d need an expert to analyze the data we receive from a medical devices.


This one is quite vivid. We can decide if we’re performing well enough based on the grades. If we are not, some extra attention will be helpful.

Knowledge also can be measured by putting ourselves into tests and exploring our limits.


The number and weightage of responsibilities suggest how good we’re doing at work. At times, the hierarchy in companies also gives us the hint.


Haven’t figured it out. Blank!


Haven’t figured it out. Sorry.


Haven’t figured it out. 🙁

Isn’t that funny that we humans still haven’t found a way to measure some of the most important ones.? It explains the massive power of our brain and heart.

If you’re on the road to figuring out the more important ones in your life, I wish you good luck. But here after when you’re in an intense situation and if you’re going to say that you know how it feels, think again.