Conversations with God

Sir, how do I know that God is listening when I’m praying?
Are you expecting him to reply in your language. What if that’s not his way?

I’ve been born to a christian family. During my school days, I was asked to believe in something unseen and it wasn’t easy. As time passed by, I didn’t bothered to question the unknown and believed it for the sake of believing. Never wanted to be the black sheep.

In 2013, I took the opportunity to teach Christianity to smaller children. A teacher had to learn before he could teach. So I started learning by reading.

The science in me started to find proof for everything that was written in the Bible. If I had told my students to develop blind faith and move on, they would walk my line. I never wanted that so I promoted them to ask questions. It only made them stronger and kids always asked questions without fear.

Here’s two of many interesting questions.

How Moses divided the sea into two?

Christian version

Moses lifted his rod to the skies and prayed to God. According to the Exodus account, Moses held out his staff and the Red Sea was parted by God. The Israelites walked on the exposed ground and crossed the sea.

Science version

Moses was raised under the king of Egypt. He learned science and received the best schooling. He also learned about the tides and winds of the Earth.

When Moses took the Israelites to the Red sea, he knew a strong wind would pass above the Red sea. He also knew the wind would be so strong that it would leave the Red sea with less water or dry for a while. So he used this opportunity and guided his people to cross the sea.

You can read more about it here.

I cannot hear God’s reply to my prayers. Why is that?

To give you a little context, students had a list of things they wanted. Closing their eyes and reciting is what they called Prayer. But most of the wishes never got granted and it made them restless.

As humans, we try to frame a picture of the unknown based on our reality. Since kids did it at a higher rate, they expected someone to talk to them about their wish.

The answer to the question was in a book I read long ago:

The language of God happens in the mind. The purest form of thought is the reply to your prayers. It is how God speaks to you.

Here’s the link to that book.

Now you can follow any religion or be an atheist or agnostic. It doesn’t matter as long as we respect that idea. The most purest form of thought is what we need to do. It would make us a good human being.