Cute chaos

What happened? Why is she coughing all of a sudden? – I don’t know. Let’s check in Google.

Looking at Neva, everyone compliments her with kisses for her cuteness. They try to convince us to take her with them. I giggle in my mind thinking about the chaos they’re going to face with the unknowns.

Myself or Daya is not a skilled babysitter. We had no clue how to raise one and yet fighting through it. Never hired a nanny because we wanted to understand the hardships of parenthood.

Like any unknown situation, we decided to walk with our heads up into the rabbit’s hole and follow the basic trait of learning: Trial and error.

Here’s one of the learnings.

A year ago, we started with feeding Neva with chicco’s feeding bottle but she hated it. She just wouldn’t suck the milk out of it. We read some articles and tried different postures of holding the baby.


Gave the milk in different temperatures to see if she is a fan of hot or cold. Tried when she’s half asleep. Squeezing the milk out of the bottle.

All failed.

However we couldn’t give up because milk was her only source of food. So during all the failures, our last resort was the baby spoon. We had to stick to it for a while.

After another round of googling, we realised that the goal was to choose a nipple that resembles close to a mother’s breast so the baby feels confident and relaxed. That’s when we moved from Chicco to Tommee Tippee.

Those feeding bottles took us to a whole new level of relief. Neva liked them very much and it eased our life.

When it was time to give her semi-solid/puree like food, Pigeon’s weaning bottle came into need. At this level, the texture of the food had to be maintained and there was a cooking time for each puree. If we crossed it, Neva just wouldn’t swallow it.

Anger. Patience. Irritation. Tiredness. We experienced it all. We fed in parks. Corridors. Backseat. Flights. Malls. Parties. Every two hours Neva had to be fed. It was a discipline to be followed.

Once my friend asked me what is the right time to have a baby. I told him, “ The right time is now and have one for all the chaos, crazy times and not for the cuteness. It’ll break you but you’ll love it. “

Did do you know that babies change in every 20 minutes?