30 days of product designer

People around me often ask me what do I do as a product designer. So I thought of writing it for them.

Here’s what I had done for the past 30 days:

  • Designed some icons
  • Created a demo video
  • Edited some audios in garage band
  • Rethought a user journey and laid them out clearly
  • Designed a dashboard
  • Created a keynote presentation for the company
  • Took at stab at colours and typography
  • Refined the style guide
  • Created a roadmap
  • Designed a product logo
  • Implemented dailies
  • Introduced the culture of prototyping
  • Prototyped couple of designs
  • Developed product’s user flow for clarity
  • Did a lot of Design QA with frontends
  • Learned about the product and still learning…