The most famoous brand

If your dear ones get a chance to choose between you and their most lovable product, what would they choose? They’ll any day choose you — the most lovable and known brand to them in this world. No product can beat that.

I rarely ironed my clothes or comb my hair. My eating habits were complete chaos. I’ve been a shabby guy and that’s how the world saw me. I’ve heard some not-so-pleasant descriptions about me but it was because I portrayed it that way.

I was unknowingly building myself. A brand was being formed and the only question that resonated in my mind was if someone enjoyed the company of me, the brand.

The answer was no.

So I took the complete blame and four months ago, decided to clean my wardrobe. There were tight ones, loose ones, torn ones, faded ones. So many of them, yet I wore only a few. To choose wisely, I decided to do the packing party. A nice concept by the minimalist guys to know what’s necessary in our life.

Surprisingly, I found that all my outfits are shades of blue. I’ve been unknowingly buying things that had some blue in it. The water bottle got a blue cap and even the Targus bag got a blue strip around it.

When it came to conversations, the people around me knew the way I talk and write. That made me pretty predictable.

Building yourself as a brand is not about doing a massive wardrobe change in a day. If that occurs, it’ll be inspired by the environment that our mind captured lately. None of us want that to happen because tomorrow is another day, another adventure.

A brand is an evolving thing and there is no right or wrong way. You just have to try activities, hobbies, interests and see which fits you. The company, Apple crossed 30 years and they’re still finding the right place.

Look at your wardrobe, your hair style, the way you talk, walk and much more. You will find quite a lot of similarities. That’s how people are going to look at you.

If you’re proud of it, don’t change it. But if there’s something that you don’t like, change it. Yes. Just change it and keep in mind, this is an evolving thing.

Remember the aim is not to choose a colour or wear the same type of clothing every day. You should always chose what pleases you and should continue doing it. It doesn’t end with that even. The way you carry yourself, your character, personality counts too.

The world is going to glance and like you for that. There’ll be people who won’t be a fan but that’s ok. Even we hate some brands and they still prosper.

Go on. Live the brand